How To Become A Better Basketball Player

Imagine yourself in the head. Do you every feel nervous when a game started or quote yourself saying how to become a better basketball player? Do you feel intimidated by opponents whose size is bigger than you? Are you nervous because you think you are going to embarrass yourself with players who have better skills than you do. You should always believe I your preparation. You should believe that you are the players for others to beat.

One of the things that separate average player from great players is that great player always have confidence in what they are doing. Stars like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson would walk into the court with enormous belief in their game, huge confidence in their abilities. And it translated into their performance. They always make crucial plays in a game that suddenly turn the game all around.

You may ask how are they able to make a important steak, crucial shot, and a other important plays during game time when a close scores comes at the end of the game. Well, they simply believe what they do and know that whatever the plays they have done on the court, they wont regret on the decision they were making. This is what confidence is all about.

There are two benefits for players having enormous and unwavering confidence: it'll keep your game at a high level (helping you get through the ups and downs of a game or a whole season), and it will throw your opponent off of his game (you'll play better and be more consistent, and this may cause him to doubt his own ability to compete against you).Having the confidence in you game, you will gradually eliminate your fear or anxiety when it comes to real game. For every freshman who comes to NBA, it will no doubt that they will be nervous, but they all eliminate their fear when they believe themselves. Guys like Lebron James, and Dwayne Wade do not usually shine right at their first game in the NBA.

However, once they get used to the game flow and feel confident at playing of a higher level of game, they become more comfortable and develop a great confidence ( they are not afraid to be the man to take the last shot when the game is on hand). On a court, what confidence really means is that when you miss a shot or two, or get beat once or twice, it won't have as much of an affect on you because you know you'll bounce back and be successful in the end. Basketball (a game or a season) is a series of ups and down. Keeping a high level of confidence will create higher and longer lasting "ups" (you're level of play will be elevated by your belief in yourself), and will lessen the severity and duration of some of the "downs" (stretches of bad shooting or poor play).Just try to imagine, you want to be a player who walks into the floor filled with hesitation, and dribble sheepishly, and takes a shot that he knows he will not make , and runs down the court feeling like he will get beat ( thus he plays like a defeated player). On the other hand, do you want to be a player that stare in the opponent straight in the eyes to size you up, and walk with a swagger, sprint from floor to floor and always in an athletic stance.

I would say a second guy is a lot more confident than the first guy, simply because he shows his confidence through his demeanor and actions. The thing is that both are equally talented ( in terms of strength and jumping ability, and shooting skills),but the second player looks and acts with more confidence and thus is a better player. If you act confident, strong, and quick, then really you ARE confident, strong and quick. So create the reality that you are a confident player and show to people that you will be confident. Once you are confident, your game will definitely improve. You've got nothing to lose by trust what you are capable to do and everything will gain sooner than later.